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What is zetadb?

zetadb is a python / zope tool that allows a rapid application development (RAD) of relational database oriented web applications. Currently, it implements PostgreSQL and MySQL support. Other database will be added in the future.

It automatically generates transladable, user friendly, and database independent zope objects to maintain data over the web. It also allow generation of data-filled OpenOffice documents.

Using zetadb you will be able to develop professional intranet / extranet business applications 4 or 5 times faster than using other more generalistic tools / languages.


Supporting Development

Open source projects like zetadb exist because there is a community of developers who give their time and knowledge for free.

If you want to support development of zetadb you can take a look at development section to see the different ways of becoming involved in the project.

Otherwise, you can help encourage future development by making a monetary donation at SourceForge's Project Donation System.

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December 24, 2003
ZetaDB release 0.8.3 with MySQL support is out! Check it at http://sourceforge.net.